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More generally,Halloween is controversial because some parents think it is an inappropriate,possibly dangerous holiday for children.In modern society,children are in some physical danger when they go trick-or-treating because they are walking around neighborhoods in the dark,accepting candy from strangers.The frightening imagery surrounding Halloween is also a concern.Many parents fear that monsters and ghosts are too disturbing to children,noting that younger trick-or-treaters have a hard time distinguishing between fantasy and reality and may be overwhelmed by people in monster costumes.This is a tough issue for parents,because they often have very fond memories of trick-or-treating when they were children,but don't feel comfortable taking their own kids out.They say that Halloween was less frightening when they were kids because it was mostly about dressing up in fun costumes,and children weren't exposed to as much disturbing imagery in popular culture.Others note that many aspects of Halloween are important to children.Dressing up can give a shy child a boost of self-confidence,and trick-or-treating may create a healthy feeling of community in a neighborhood.Halloween costumes for kids run the gamut from sweet and sugary to spooky,but Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street? Many parents feel that a bit too much.According to Zoogster sizing,a size 8-10 fits a child age 5-7.If you're surprised by the costuming selections,you aren't alone.But don worry,Zoogster has old classics like Dracula,ghosts,and witches for sale,too.However,a closer look at these classic Halloween costumes and you quickly see modern media twists on the attire.Many of the old favorites are modernized with masks.

Gone are the days of white sheets and cut out eyes,representing Casper.At Zoogster,the ghost costume consists of a black rope,belt equipped with a skeleton,and a white face with eyes that fade in and out.Well,if a deranged lunatic is your preferred choice in children's costuming,forget about Bundy,Manson,Gacy or Dahmer; Zoogster doesn carry those.They do,however,sell a nice Jack the Ripper equipped with hat and coat for a mere $19.99.While you can find Monster Mash at a million places,after a while it can be pretty predictable barbour outlet for Halloween.I collected a different set of fun songs,here,with some well-known spooky hits and some rarer musical treats.I've started with Whodini and the Haunted House of Rock.The video for Southern Culture on the Skids includes the "cast" from the Final Fantasy movie doing the Thriller dance to Zombified,which more than qualifies it for a list of silly songs.You can find the Reverend Horton Heat tune on the "Halloween Hootenanny" album a little further down the screen,along with a pile of other fun Halloween songs.Tommy's history is complicated by the fact that the series follows several conflicting continuities.Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later and Resurrection ignore the events of Halloween 4,5,and 6,splitting the series into two separate timelines both originating from the original film and it's sequel.Tommy Doyle is an eight year old boy who always asked questions.On Halloween 1978,He runs into Laurie on his way to school and asked what she was doing going that way.She told him that she was heading towards the Myers home to drop a key,he told her that it was a spook house and that Lonnie Elamb told him that horrible things at happened there.At school,Tommy is being builled by Lonnie and his friends Keith and Richie who tell him that the boogeyman is going to get him.

Unknown to Tommy,Michael Myers is stalking him as he walks home.That night Laurie arrives to babysit him and he wants her to read comics and watch scary movies with her.Still worried about what the bullies said,Tommy is still afraid of the "boogeyman" and constantly asks questions about him to Laurie,who claims he does not exist.They are later joined by Lindsey Wallace who is dropped off with them by Annie.When he sees Michael Myers across the street at the Wallace house,Tommy believes him to be the boogeyman,but Laurie continually dismisses his concerns.Laurie eventually goes over to the Wallace house to check on Annie and Lynda and is attacked by Michael.Running back to the Doyle house,Laurie screams at Tommy to wake up and unlock the door,and he does so just in time.Laurie tells him to go upstairs and stay there with Lindsey.Six years later,Tommy is now a twenty-five year old and a disturbed individual who is obsessed with Michael Myers.He theorizes that Michael's obsession with killing his family members stems from the Curse of Thorn.He watches The Strodes everyday as they now live in Michael's old house.Tommy himself living across the street in Mrs.Blankenship's boarding house.On October 30 1995,Tommy calls in Barry Simms radio show and tells him that he was one of the few people who survived Michael's attacks and that he knows Michael will return one day.He later hears on the same show Jamie Lloyd's plea for help from Sam Loomis.The next day Tommy is listening to a recording of Jamie's plea and is able to figure out that she called from a bus station.Once he arrives,Tommy hopes to find information and finds a trail of blood that leads to a restroom where he finds a baby in cabinet.He takes the baby to the hospital to get help for the baby boy and he finds Loomis.Tommy asks him if he knows if Michael has really returned,to tell him of the baby and that the Strodes live in the old Myers place.Tommy knows he doesn't have much time to talk as the nurse ordered security guards on him due to his strange behavior,so Tommy leaves with the baby and tells Loomis to meet him later that night at the college campus rally.

Once he gets home,he cleans up the baby and names him Steven.Tommy then leaves his home to find the Strodes as he is worried about their safety,he figures it would be easier to find the youngest Strode Danny since he would be the first one to go with him.Kara and Danny decide to go with Tommy back to his place where Tommy tells Kara about what happened in her house and his theory on why Michael is the way he is.He later leaves Kara and Danny,telling them to lock themselves in his room and not to return home as he goes out to meet Loomis.Once Tommy arrives,he finds a girl telling her mother that it is raining red,curious on what the young girl meant,Tommy walks over and discovers Barry Simms dead body that drops from the tree.Loomis arrives and asks where the baby is so they return back to Tommy's home.Once there they see that Steven,Kara and Danny are missing.It is at this time when Kara and Danny bang on the front door as Michael is chasing them.The two awaken to find the three gone and Loomis knows they have taken them to Smith's Grove Sanitarium.Once they arrive inside,Loomis tells Tommy to wait in the hallway while he takes care of things.Tommy does as he is told until he hears a woman sceaming and Tommy follows the sound.Once he arrives he finds a mental patient telling him that Michael is back and that he is very angry.Tommy then notices that she has been stabbed and only mutters "oh shit".Kara hears Tommy and tells him the room she is locked up in.He grabs a fire extinguisher and tries to break the knob on the door and temporary stops when he sees Michael and continues to try and free Kara.Once she is freed,the two run away and try to find Danny and Steven.They discover the children with Smith Grove doctors who Michael kills and in the middle of the chaos,Tommy and Kara escape with the children.They try to find an exit but the only one is locked with a gate and since Michael is after them,they escape into a another room and lock it.

Once Michael starts to destory the door,the group hides in different locations and Tommy comes up with a plan to trick Michaael.His plan starts to work as he tricks Michael into thinking he is getting the baby until the actual baby cries.Michael grabs Tommy,who out of nowhere injects him with tranquilizers of corrosive chemicals before he is thrown to the side.Tommy then saves Danny and Steven when he attacks Michael with a lead pipe.He attacks Michael continuously while Kara and the children escape until Tommy thinks he has killed Michael and joins up with Kara and the others.They get into his car and asks Loomis to go along with them but he tells them he has some unfinshed business and goes back inside.It's Halloween.As much as I'd like to avoid the idea of a requisite Michael Myers Halloween piece,I can't shake the urge to write about John Carpenter's Halloween.It started when I looked up Halloweenthe tradition,not the filmon Wikipedia the other day.Making my way down the page,I read about all of the obvious stuff,harvest festival,pagan ritual,etcetera,etcetera.Mostly,though,I wanted to read about horror and gore associated with the holiday.I'm not a particularly sick-minded person (most of the time),but like any normal human being,the onset of autumn and the pulsating of jack-o-lanterns make we want to scare myself.It's a strange bit of masochism I haven't quite figured out,and I wanted to know why (something about the amygdala and endorphins).And as I read,I saw references to 1932's The Mummy (fine,warranted) and the Saw franchise (the first one was OK,but really?).However,there was nary a reference to Carpenter's horror classic Halloween.This is a shame.To be fair,horror films were associated with Halloween long before the film was released.Texas Chainsaw Massacre was released on Oct.1,1974,bolstering the tradition of October horror debuts.And Boris Karloff's Frankenstein and The Mummy played no small part in the commercialization of the holiday more than seven decades ago.